Toxic Cosmetic Chemicals Part 1

You probably already know about the harmful effects of not using natural deodorants. Did you know that there are several other chemical nightmares in cosmetic and hygiene products that are probably lurking in your bathroom right now? In this series, we’re going to cover what these chemicals are and why you should avoid them.

Parabens. This is a widely used preservative which helps to prevent the growth of certain bacteria as well as mold and yeast which can grow on cosmetic products. What could the harm be in that? Well, parabens also have additional chemical side-effects, namely its estrogen-like functions that have been linked to an increased risk in breast cancer. Biopsy samples have discovered evidence of this chemical having been absorbed into the skin and found in breast tumors. You can find this chemical in make-up, soap, deodorants, shampoos, and acne treatments. Make sure your natural deodorant and other cosmetics don’t contain this preservative!

Synthetic colors. How bad can a little coloring be for your body? Well some coloring isn’t very harmful at all, especially natural coloring which occurs as a result of the combination of the ingredients used. However, synthetic colors are often made from petroleum or coal tar based materials. This has caused skin irritation in some people as well has having been linked to ADHD among children. Much like parabens, some synthetic colors have been suspected to be human carcinogens.


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